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Learn easier with Guayusa - The better coffee

The next exam is coming up, but somehow it doesn't work that well with easy learning, concentration and remembering. Your mind is turbulent and you're wondering how you're going to manage to work through all the study material up to the exam.

First tip: Calm down at first. It is not too late yet. Here you will find 6 tips and tricks with which you can learn better, more efficiently and more easily and make optimal use of the last few days before the exam


The sooner you start studying for an exam, the less stress you will have towards the end. Unfortunately, it doesn't always work out as planned. Maybe because of other exams, overwork or a bit of laziness. Whatever the reason why you haven't studied enough for an exam, put it behind you and start studying now.


If you have multiple exams, it is very important to make a plan for when you will study for which exam. Divide up your time in such a way that you don't overtax yourself, but you don't underchallenge yourself either and you don't catch up with the learning material. Therefore: Take a large A1 sheet, draw a calendar on it and write down all the exams. Now work your way from front to back. Which exam is the first? Which is the lightest? Which ones do you need to study the most for? Also ask yourself seriously which exam you can neglect in an emergency and write for the second appointment if you have learned better for it.


Ziele setzen und besser lernen

So consciously take this hour of time in which you concentrate on your goals and make a note of when you study for which exam, because a registered appointment is not so easy to neglect. Hang your plan over your desk, so your goals are always present.

Start each day with a subject that is easiest for you, slowly increase the level of difficulty and end with a subject that you enjoy the most. In this way you start your everyday learning more motivated with a sense of achievement and aha effects and end it with the feeling that the learning material is actually very easy.


It is important in your schedule for learning that you find a balance between learning and relaxing. Therefore, make a note of fixed times when you study for which subject. One, two or three hours. Stick to the curriculum and change subjects according to plan, even though your favorite subject may be doing well at the moment, because you still want to learn the other subjects. And tomorrow you can tackle your favorite subject again.


It is also important for easier learning that you not only take a short break after each subject, but also take a deep breath every hour or after each longer chapter. These shouldn't be long breaks where you totally switch off. Rather small breaks, in which you go to the window, air once or make yourself a tea. Guayusa tea also has a concentration-enhancing effect. The little breaks will help you to refocus and you will be able to continue studying for your exam more concentrated and easier.

At lunchtime you should allow yourself a longer break. It would be best if you went out into the fresh air for a short time during the lesson. You can walk to get your lunch, be careful not to stuff yourself too much. In this article we have summarized how you can stay motivated with the right foods and not fall into a food coma. But it often helps to leave the room in which you are learning, so that you can then continue learning more concentrated and easily.

Then don't eat at your desk, but set a clear spatial boundary between learning and time off.


Fresh air and breaks improve your concentration and make learning easier. However, after a few hours you may feel drained and unable to focus on your goal and learning. This low is particularly strong if you have started the day with coffee, mate, energy drinks, cola and co. So with caffeine, which gave you a quick boost but let you down just as quickly.


So an important tip: stay away from drinks that have artificially added caffeine. This includes energy drinks, cola and mate soft drinks. Coffee - although it's natural - should also be cut out. The caffeine in coffee is not bound to any amino acids, so it gets into your blood quickly, making you awake and excited, jittery and nervous. After a short time your blood pressure will drop again and within a short time you will find yourself in the typical low state of tiredness and you will not be able to concentrate.


natürlicher Wachmacher – Alternative zu Kaffee

Guayusa tea has a significantly different effect due to the more complex composition of ingredients such as caffeine, L-theanine, theobromine and theophylline. With a caffeine content of around 3% in dry matter, guayusa comes close to the caffeine content of coffee, so it makes you extremely awake. The contained L-theanine, an amino acid which acts on the central nervous system, reduces mental and physical stress reactions. It has a relaxing effect. With the coupling of the caffeine, you will be transported into a state of relaxed alertness. L-theanine and caffeine in combination help you to improve your learning and memory performance and increase your resistance to stress.


Every exam means stress for the body. Stress is poison and should be reduced as much as possible. With the tips mentioned, you can learn more concentrated, more efficiently and more easily and, above all, get through the exam with a cup of tea with less stress. To better understand the effects of guayusa, we recommend the article These ingredients of guayusa give you unlimited energy! As well as the article How L-Theanine Sharpens Your Senses. Focus and relax at the same time!


Our natural coffee alternatives and motivation boosters. 100% Guayusa tea without additives! Guayusa brings you into a new state of wakefulness with a special focus and without physical side effects.

Guayusa tea

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