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The action of theobromine in Guayusa

Theobromine is also found in high amounts in cocoa. The cocoa bean is the first fruit from which theobromine was isolated in 1841. In addition to guayusa, theobromine is also found, for example, in kola nuts and tea leaves. Theobromine is structurally related to caffeine. Both stimulating substances are often naturally combined in plants.

Positive effects of theobromine

Theobromine is what is known as a nootropic (performance enhancer). It promotes blood circulation in the brain and thereby affects thinking ability by widening the blood vessels. 1 Blood flow is considered an important attribute for quick and constant perception.

Theobromine also stimulates the heart and increases its pumping capacity. In this way, the body is optimally supplied with blood and oxygen, which can have an effect on athletic performance, among other things. It also relaxes the smooth muscles and thus helps the organs to regenerate. 2.3

Ergometry tests have shown that athletes' performance can be increased by up to 70% after taking theobromine. In addition, fatigue decreased. Weightlifters had a performance of 37 kgm with, compared to a performance of 22 kgm without theobromine. 3

Areas of application of theobromine 3

  • ophthalmology
  • tumor diseases
  • intestinal problems
  • dementia
  • Migraines & Seizures
  • kidney diseases
  • asthma therapy
  • high blood pressure
  • arteriosclerosis
  • angina pectoris
  • Peripheral Arterial Disease
  • cardiac arrhythmias

Other ingredients of Guayusa

You can find out more about the ingredients and effects of Guayusa here:
Ingredients and effects of Guayusa


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