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Does black tea contain caffeine? - Advantages and disadvantages of black tea


Whether black tea contains caffeine, how much and what advantages and disadvantages black tea has is the subject of this blog article.


  1. What is black tea?
  2. Caffeine in black tea
  3. Benefits of Black Tea
  4. Disadvantages of black tea
  5. Conclusion

1. What is black tea?

Black tea is a caffeinated beverage made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant . Traditionally drunk in many parts of the world, it is known for its earthy, bitter taste and varied aromas.

Black tea also contains a variety of important active ingredients, vitamins and minerals that contribute to health. Of course, black tea also contains caffeine, but significantly less than guayusa and also less than coffee and mate. You can find a detailed comparison in our blog article " Guayusa caffeine content - Mate tea caffeine content in comparison "

You can find a comparison of the best-known caffeinated beverages in the world in our free e-book " Stimulator Comparison " as a free download.

Black tea caffeine - Guayusa caffeine content comparison


2. Caffeine in black tea

Black tea contains caffeine, but in lower amounts than, for example, guayusa tea or coffee. According to a 2017 study, black tea contains an average of 32 mg of caffeine per cup (237 ml). In comparison, a cup of guayusa contains around 80-95 mg of caffeine.

However, the amount of caffeine in black tea can vary depending on the variety, manufacturing process, and preparation. Some teas that have been fermented for a long time contain more caffeine than less fermented teas. If you make your tea with milk or cream, this can reduce the amount of caffeine since caffeine is water soluble but not fat soluble.

We have summarized our 10 best Guayusa preparations in a blog article, some of these methods also work with black tea, so you can get some inspiration here.

3. Benefits of Black Tea

Due to its intensely bitter taste, black tea is particularly suitable for people who also like coffee, for example. Bitter substances promote blood circulation and digestion, strengthen the immune system and stimulate fat metabolism in the liver and bile.

4. Disadvantages of black tea

The bitter taste of black tea can also be a nuisance for those who prefer milder teas such as guayusa tea. Black tea has significantly less caffeine than is widely believed.

Black tea, like coffee, stains teeth due to the tannins. So if you want to keep your teeth white, you should only drink black tea in moderation.

Another disadvantage is the ecological footprint of cultivation. This is miserable, since black tea itself as organic tea is only grown in monocultures. A detailed post on culture methods can be found here .

5. Conclusion

Black tea contains caffeine, as do green tea, coffee, and guayusa. However, it is not necessarily suitable as a pick-me-up because the caffeine content is too low. Teas from the guayusa plant are more suitable, since guayusa not only contains more caffeine than black tea, but also more than coffee. If you want to learn more about the special effects of Guayusa tea, we recommend our article " Guayusa tea effect - Guayusa effect what you need to know "

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