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Health Benefits of Guayusa Tea


Did you know that Guayusa tea is a perfect alternative to coffee? Not only does this tea have the same caffeine content, but it also packs many other health benefits.

In this article you will learn what guayusa tea is, what ingredients make this tea so special and what the health benefits of guayusa are.


  1. What is Guayusa Tea?
    1. Why should you know about Guayusa?
  2. Health Benefits of Guayusa Tea
    1. How Can Guayusa Improve Your Mental Health?
    2. How can Guayusa increase your physical health?
    3. What Specific Ingredients Provide Guayusa Health Benefits?
  3. Where can you get the best Guayusa tea and how do you prepare it?
    1. What Guayusa strains are there to choose from and where is the easiest place to find them?
    2. Preparation of the Guayusa tea in the right amount, temperature and duration
  4. Conclusion

1. What is Guayusa Tea?

Guayusa Tea is a traditional, natural and herbal tea made from the leaves of the Guayusa tree. The leaves are dried and then crushed to create the tea.

Guayusa tea is rich in vitamins and minerals and is a healthy, natural product.

1.1. Why should you know about Guayusa?

Guayusa tea is very healthy and contains many beneficial nutrients for your body. It helps you stay alert and focused. It is also good for your digestion and breathing as it promotes oxygen uptake.

2. Health Benefits of Guayusa Tea

Guayusa tea is a natural, caffeinated tea from the Amazon region in Ecuador. It is made from the leaves of the Guayusa plant and contains many health benefits.

2.1. How Can Guayusa Improve Your Mental Health?

Guayusa tea is high in theobromine and theophylline . Active ingredients that are known from cocoa and increase mood. Caffeine also has mood-enhancing properties.

2.2. How can Guayusa increase your physical health?

Guayusa tea is very rich in antioxidants that help rid our body of harmful free radicals. These antioxidants protect our cells from oxidative stress and prevent so many chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

In addition, guayusa tea contains a high content of polyphenols, which are good for our cholesterol levels. These polyphenols also help lower blood pressure and improve sleep.

Furthermore, guayusa tea is high in caffeine , which can help us function better and keep us awake. However, it can also help suppress our appetite and therefore discourage us from snacking.

2.3. What Specific Ingredients Provide Guayusa Health Benefits?

In summary, guayusa tea is a healthy choice for people of all ages. This tea contains a variety of nutrients and phytochemicals that work together to support various health benefits. Some of the specific ingredients that make this tea so beneficial to health are:

- Caffeine : Guayusa tea contains natural caffeine, which is known to increase alertness and focus. Caffeine can also help improve mood and reduce appetite.

- Vitamin C: Guayusa tea is a good source of vitamin C, an important antioxidant that may help boost the immune system and support heart health. Guayusa has twice as many antioxidants as green tea overall.

- Minerals: Guayusa tea is rich in minerals such as iron, potassium and magnesium, all of which are important for the health of the body.

You can find out more about the effects of Guayusa in our detailed blog post " Guayusa Tea Effect ". Here we go into more detail about Guayusa ingredients and their properties and effects on the body.

Guayusa tea compared with coffee and green tea has more health benefits

3. Where can you get the best Guayusa tea and how do you prepare it?

The best Guayusa tea is made in Ecuador and can be found on every corner there. So that you don't have to travel to Ecuador, you can of course also order Guayusa online . You will find numerous varieties in our Guayusa shop .

To prepare the tea, all you have to do is pour boiling water over it and let it steep for about 5 to 10 minutes. In our " Learn " area you will find more information on the preparation and you can be inspired by recipe ideas for further applications. In our detailed article on how to prepare Guayusa tea you will also find our TOP 10 methods of preparing delicious, strong and effective Guayusa .

3.1. What Guayusa strains are there to choose from and where is the easiest place to find them?

In our shop you will find 7 Guayusa varieties. You can simply buy them online and have them delivered to your home. Our varieties are

PURE : original green guayusa, fresh from the tree.

DARK : original dark Guayusa, specially dried, sweet taste!

CHAI : Spicy mix with cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, liquorice and guayusa.

ORANGE-MINT : fresh mix with mint, orange peel, liquorice and guausa.

LEMONGRSS : very refreshing variety with lemongrass and guayusa.

PURE-POWDER : original Guayusa as a powder, for even more areas of application.

GUAYUSA-COFFEE : 50/50 mix with Robusta coffee for all newcomers who want to reduce coffee by 50%.

3.2. Preparation of the Guayusa tea in the right amount, temperature and duration

To feel the health benefits of Guayusa , we recommend the original PURE and DARK varieties. In our free PDF you will find numerous ways to prepare it - from normal preparation with boiling water to the traditional decoction of the leaves to a delicious Guayusa Chai Latte or cappuccino. You can find our TOP 10 preparations of Guayusa HERE .

In general, you can't go wrong with the preparation, because guayusa, unlike green tea, does not become bitter. We recommend a steeping time of 10 minutes. With the original Guayusa varieties, however, brewing times of 60 minutes are also conceivable!

4. Conclusion

Guayusa is an exciting drink that is slowly but surely finding more and more followers. The tea is pleasant to drink and not as bitter as mate tea, green tea or black tea. The health benefits of guayusa speak for themselves, making the world's most caffeinated drink an absolute superfood. The tea has an alkaline effect and can even be drunk on an empty stomach.

Guayusa tea

Organic Guayusa from GUYA is original Guayusa from Ecuador. You can order our Guayusa directly from our shop and have it delivered to your home.

GUYA is Europe's first and largest Guayusa brand that offers you a large selection of Guayusa products. Our versatile Guayusa blends bring variety to your everyday life, keep you awake, focused and relaxed at the same time.

Since 2016 we have been working directly with farmers from Ecuador without intermediaries and have learned a lot about the processing of guayusa.

We look forward to your Guayusa order. 

Powder Guayusa

Buy pure guayusa tea powder. Our Guayusa powder offers you a variety of preparations without losing the organic quality.

Our PURE Guayusa Powder is original Guayusa, but particularly finely sieved to extract the powder particles . You can use the Guayusa powder in preparation of  a latte, cappuccino, espresso or for smoothies and pastries.

With the use of our Dripper , Guayusa powder can easily be used to prepare tea. The dripper's has a double-walled sieve that prevents the powder particles from getting into your tea. This way you can enjoy a delicious Guayusa tea without tea leaves in the water.


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Each Guayusa set is put together differently and offers you a cheap alternative to expensive individual orders. Choose from sets with a teapot, tea glass, thermos flask, tea strainer and our 7 Guayusa varieties.


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