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Guayusa Caffeine Content - Mate Tea Caffeine Content - Big Comparison


What is the caffeine content of Guayusa ? Does mate tea have caffeine and how high is the caffeine content really? What is the caffeine content of coffee and green tea?
Which tea has the most caffeine and can teas compete with coffee? In this article we compare the caffeine content of mate tea, guayusa tea, coffee and green tea. The result will surprise you.


  1. How is eg mate tea and guayusa caffeine content measured?
  2. What is caffeine? What is thein?
    1. What is caffeine
    2. What is thein?
  3. How high is the Guayusa caffeine content
  4. How high is the coffee caffeine content
  5. Yerba Mate Tea Caffeine Content VS. Guayusa caffeine content
  6. Caffeine content of green tea and black tea
  7. Conclusion - How does the Guayusa caffeine content compare?

1. How is eg mate tea and guayusa caffeine content measured?

As a rule, the caffeine content, regardless of its origin, is measured in mg or as a percentage of dry matter .

However, it is not always clear on the Internet whether the information relates to the dry matter or the content of the finished beverage. Because dosage varies from person to person, all values ​​in this article refer to dry matter .

2. What is caffeine? What is thein?

What is the difference between caffeine and theine?

What is caffeine

Caffeine is an alkaloid found in over 63 plant species. The taste is very bitter, caffeine also stimulates energy burning and also stimulates your metabolism. You can find a detailed comparison of the most well-known caffeinated beverages in our free e-book " Stimulator comparison ".

The effects of caffeine are heavily focused on the central nervous system. At a moderate dose of around 150 mg, caffeine therefore has a predominantly positive effect on the ability to concentrate. It increases storage capacity and memory. In addition, caffeine can induce mild euphoria, stimulates the mind and helps against drowsiness. You can read more about other active ingredients in our blog article on the overview of ingredients and their effects .

What is thein?

Theine and caffeine are chemically one and the same substance. In the 19th century, the invigorating effect of tea was attributed to a substance other than caffeine and this substance was called theine.

Today we know that theine is the same as caffeine. However, the caffeine in mate tea and guayusa tea has a different effect than coffee caffeine, since mate tea and guayusa tea contain natural polyphenols . However, if you were to extract the caffeine from any plant, it would always have the same effect.

So it depends on the composition of the total active ingredients!

3. What is the Guayusa caffeine content

The leaves of the Guayusa tree have been used by indigenous people for over 2,000 years. One of the reasons for this is the high caffeine content. No other plant contains as much caffeine in its leaves as guayusa. You can find a detailed article on Guayusa tea here .

Various tests have shown that Guayusa has a caffeine content of between 1.9% and 7.6%. On average about 3.0%.

The caffeine content of Guayusa depends very much on the quality. It is therefore important to ensure that the purchased guayusa has not been dried over a fire or generally too hot.

The high Guayusa caffeine content  manifests itself in an evenly increasing effect and lasts for several hours. This is due to the interaction with the naturally occurring active ingredients such as theophylline , theobromine and L-theanine and a high number of antioxidants . You can find a detailed article on the effects of Guayusa tea here .

The question "how much caffeine does Guayusa have" can be answered by the fact that Guayusa is the most caffeinated drink in the world with up to 7.6% . In addition, due to its unique composition with the active ingredients mentioned, it is much better suited as a pick-me-up than coffee, mate or guarana. Likewise, guayusa does not become bitter and can therefore be prepared easily and in a variety of ways . You can find out more about Guayusa tea preparation here .

4. How high is the coffee caffeine content

Coffee is also generally high in caffeine. In detail, however, it depends specifically on the roasting and the respective variety. Arabica coffee has only about 1.4% caffeine. Robusta, on the other hand, is close to the Guayusa caffeine content with 2.8% - 3.2% .

However, the natural polyphenols in the coffee are destroyed by the roasting. Accordingly, in contrast to guayusa, the caffeine in coffee is unbound and reaches the stomach at a faster rate.

The effect of coffee is therefore described by many as unpleasant, with tachycardia, stomach problems and jitteriness.

5. Yerba Mate Tea Caffeine Content VS. Guayusa caffeine content

How Much Caffeine Does Yerba Mate Tea Have? Mate tea is also considered a very caffeine-rich plant. But compared to guayusa , the caffeine content of mate tea is just 1.4% . For a strong effect, a lot of mate needs to be in a Bombilla 10 be used. The caffeine in mate is bound to many bitter substances, but the effect of mate, similar to coffee, is very sudden.

Isolated "caffeine" can always be found as an additional ingredient in cold mate drinks. Usually no real mate is brewed and processed, only mate aroma or concentrate.

Mate tea caffeine content and guayusa tea caffeine content comparison - which tea has the most caffeine

6. Caffeine content of green tea and black tea

The word "tea" actually describes green tea, black tea and all types of tea that come from the tea plant (Camelia cenensis) . Infusions such as guayusa and mate are therefore not actually teas.

The caffeine content varies greatly between the individual varieties due to processing and cultivation.

A cheap bag of green tea sometimes has only 0.1% caffeine . A high-priced tencha, on the other hand, can contain up to 3.9% caffeine . In tea, as in guayusa, the caffeine is bound to natural polyphenols and is therefore buffered. However, there are other polyphenols, which is why the effect is different. The steeping time plays a major role in the release of polyphenols, with caffeine the entire caffeine content is usually released after 5 to 15 minutes. You can find out more about the steeping time of green tea in our article: " Green tea steeping time - how long does green tea have to steep? ".

Which tea has the most caffeine - caffeine comparison tea

7. Conclusion - How does the Guayusa caffeine content compare?

The caffeine content of guayusa is extremely high at up to 7.6%. Guayusa can thus clearly stand out from average teas and yerba mate. On average , guayusa has about 3.0% caffeine content and yerba mate tea has about 1.4% caffeine content. Thus, mate tea has less caffeine than coffee and sometimes less than tea, which has more or less caffeine depending on the variety, but definitely more than coffee.

It is not true that coffee is the most caffeinated drink in the world.

Guayusa has more caffeine than coffee , tea and mate tea . Guayusa also scores with natural polyphenols, which occur in guayusa as phytochemicals, as well as theophylline , theobromine and L-theanine and twice as many antioxidants as green tea.

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