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Guayusa Tea – The tea without side effects?!

W hat does this extraordinary tea from Ecuador with the difficult-to-pronounce name Guayusa (English - Why You Sa) have to offer? What side effects does it have? Are there any? Are these "side effects" perhaps even positive?
In this article we would like to give you an insight into these questions. You can also find out what other effects Guayusa has and what these are due to in the numerous articles in our blog area: Ingredients and Effects of Guayusa .

Side Effects of Guayusa Tea

We are often asked by our customers if we can give them tips on how to use Guayusa so that there are no unpleasant side effects. But the fact is, Guayusa has no known unpleasant side effects. The tips that we give for use favor the positive properties and strengthen their effect. If you don't use our tips, this has no known negative effects.

We've found that the reason we keep getting asked this question is because most people have had unpleasant experiences with other stimulants like coffee, mate, and guarana.

So here are the most frequently asked questions about possible side effects - and our answer to them.

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Question 1. Does Guayusa give me tachycardia?

Answer: No. Guayusa has about as much caffeine as coffee and is even the most caffeine-rich leaf in the world, but thanks to an extremely balanced complex of active ingredients, there is no racing heart.

Question 2. Does Guayusa cause jitteriness?

Answer: no. You will not encounter the uncomfortable and jittery feeling known from coffee with Guayusa. This is also due to the special composition of the ingredients.

Question 3. Does Guayusa have a habituation effect?

Answer: Unlike coffee, Guayusa doesn't have much of a habituation process. This means your body doesn't need more guayusa after a while to wake up as well.

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Question 4. Does Guayusa acidify the body?

Answer: No. Guayusa is pH-neutral and therefore an alkaline food or drink. The tea can also be drunk on an empty stomach. This is even our explicit recommendation, as it increases the effect!

Question 5. Can I still sleep from Guayusa?

Answer: Yes. The Kichwa Indians even use Guayusa specifically to further their dreams. Nevertheless, our recommendation is to drink guayusa in the morning hours and on an empty stomach. 1 liter about. The effect then lasts until late in the evening.

Question 6. Will Guayusa make my teeth yellow?

Answer: No. Guayusa tea is not fermented or roasted. The discoloration of the teeth with coffee is mainly due to the caffeic acid and the slight fermentation of the beans. With black tea it is the very strong fermentation of the leaves.

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