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Guayusa Tea Effects - Guayusa Effects What You Need To Know


In this article we summarize the most important properties of the Guayusa tea effect. In the end you will therefore have a comprehensive understanding of the effects of the Guayusa plant and know the differences to other caffeinated drinks.

If you want to learn more about the Guayusa plant, you will find numerous links in the text.


  1. What Is The Guayusa Plant
  2. What Are The Guayusa Ingredients?
  3. Guayusa tea effect
    1. Performance enhancing and awake
    2. Guayusa tea effect metabolism
    3. Guayusa Tea For Weight Loss
    4. Stomach-friendly tea – effect of the Guayusa plant
    5. Sleep despite caffeine
  4. Guayusa tea side effects
  5. Conclusion on the Guayusa tea effect

1. What is the Guayusa plant

The Guayusa plant is a holly tree native to South America, more than 90% in Ecuador. It belongs to the ilex family and is therefore related to yerba mate in the broadest sense - you can find a comparison here . Guayusa is used by the natives of Ecuador as a natural stimulant or pick-me-up. The reason for this is the unique composition of ingredients, which differs enormously from other caffeinated drinks.

Guayusa is not related to plants like guarana, green tea or guava. Despite what many might think based on the name. It is a fundamentally different type of plant with a different taste and a new kind of special effect. You can find out more information about the Guayusa plant in our detailed article " What is Guayusa ?".

What is Guayusa Tea?

2. What are the Guayusa ingredients?

Although not widely known, Guayusa is the most caffeinated drink in the world . The leaves contain up to 7.6% caffeine . At the same time, the guayusa plant is healthier than green tea/matcha with twice as many antioxidants . Guayusa tea also contains hardly any bitter substances, which makes it attractive even for newcomers and offers many ways of preparation .

In addition, Guayusa has the ingredients theobromine and theophylline from the cocoa bean and L-theanine , an amino acid with a particularly focusing effect, from the vital mushroom Boletus badius .

All of this makes the Guayusa plant a great caffeinated drink, with amazingly pleasant effects!

You can find a comprehensive comparison of the world's best-known caffeine-containing plants in our free e-book " Stimulant Comparison ". You will also find a summary of the effects of individual ingredients in Guayusa tea here .

Guayusa tea ingredients and effects overview

3. Guayusa tea effect

Guayusa is a caffeinated drink and yet its effect differs from well-known pick-me-ups such as guarana, yerba mate, black tea, coffee and green tea. The special effect of guayusa is due to the composition of the ingredients, which can only be found in this composition in the guayusa plant.

The Guayusa tea effect can best be described using the words of the natives of Ecuador. They say guayusa keeps them awake for several hours , focusing the senses and mind while having a calming and stress- reducing effect .

More alert, more focused, more relaxed – the Guayusa effect!

These 3 properties best describe the Guayusa tea effect ! The infusion of the Guayusa plant or the leaves is correspondingly interesting for all those who have to concentrate, motivate and work as stress-free as possible for a long time or who have to perform in general, for example in sports and studies !

3.1. Performance enhancing and awakening

The ingredients caffeine, theobromine and theophylline in particular ensure a performance-enhancing effect, which lasts for several hours in combination. Guayusa tea has, for example, the following performance-enhancing effects:

  1. stimulation of the heart
  2. stimulation of the airways
  3. Improved oxygen uptake
  4. Improved blue light capture
  5. Reduction of melatonin
  6. Increases memory performance
  7. Improves memory

3.2. Guayusa tea effect metabolism

According to two studies, the metabolism is boosted by the caffeine in guayusa between 3% and 11% , this can have an enormously positive influence on your calorie turnover and allow you to perform significantly better, especially in sports.

However, an improved metabolism also helps you to be able to absorb and use the energy in the meal more quickly. The Guayusa tea effect on the metabolism therefore contributes positively to the wake-up effect.

3.3. Guayusa tea for weight loss

Of course, the effect of Guayusa tea on the metabolism also has an impact when it comes to losing weight. Caffeine has been shown to increase fat burning by up to . However, this is the absolute peak value that should not be relied on alone when losing weight.

Incidentally, GUYA founder Sebastian Freidank has created a success course for nutrition, mindset and sport that provides you with a complete package.

If you are interested in the effects of guayusa tea on losing weight, let us tell you at this point that there is no miracle pill (yet). There is no guarana, green tea, matcha, extracts or pills that will make you lose weight miraculously. This requires the three factors mentioned above. Diet is one of those factors and the Guayusa tea effect can definitely help you lose weight!

3.4. Stomach-friendly tea – effect of the Guayusa plant

Guayusa is one of the gentlest teas on the stomach. It is basic and contains no acids. Coffee, on the other hand, contains a lot of caffeic acid. This additional acid in coffee causes many people stomach problems in the long run.

Guayusa, on the other hand, can be drunk first thing in the morning even on an empty stomach and has a calming effect even on irritated digestion.

3.5. Sleep despite caffeine

Here, too, the Guayusa tea effect differs from other caffeinated drinks!

With guayusa containing so much caffeine, up to 7.6%, it's only logical to think that guayusa affects sleep in a hugely negative way. However, the exact opposite is the case! Despite the high caffeine content, Guayusa lets the body rest when it needs it!

This exciting and helpful effect is due to the natural combination of the active ingredients L-theanine and caffeine. The L-theanine balances the aggressive effects of caffeine on the cardiovascular system, allowing it to act primarily on the central nervous system.

Even the natives of Ecuador use Guayusa shortly before sleep to stimulate dreams . You can find an interesting article on the use of Guayusa by the indigenous people here .

3.6. Drink healthy

Guayusa tea has about twice as many antioxidants as green tea , making it one of the world's healthiest foods. Antioxidants scavenge free radicals and thereby protect our body from oxidative damage.

Guayusa tea effect overview

4. Guayusa Tea Side Effects

In our extensive article " The tea without side effects " we have already dealt with the most frequently asked questions in detail and have answered them.

Therefore, we would like to give only a brief overview of the non-existent side effects of Guayusa at this point:

  • tachycardia
  • jitteriness
  • stomach problems
  • hyperacidity
  • habituation effect
  • bad sleep
  • Yellow teeth

5. Conclusion on Guayusa tea effect

Guayusa tea is a caffeine-containing plant that has been used in the Amazon for thousands of years and is still far too underestimated in this country. In addition to its numerous positive properties on our body and mind, Guayusa has no known side effects, which is why it also makes it a fantastic companion in everyday life , sports and work .

The Guayusa effect is being discovered and used by more and more people for their individual purposes. Much more education is needed on how guayusa works differently and of course why it works differently.

If you are already an enthusiastic Guayusa drinker, please share this article with friends, acquaintances and family. In our shop you will also find the world's largest selection of Guayusa products. With 7 Guayusa varieties , including 3 original 100% Guayusa teas and 4 mixed varieties, we have a variety for every taste and day.

Guayusa tea

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