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Theobromine - a fascinating active ingredient in Guayusa tea

T heobromine is a well-known active ingredient from the cocoa bean. Guayusa also has natural theobromine in its leaves. You can find out here what advantages theobromine brings you.

What is theobromine?

Theobromine is a natural component in cocoa, tea and also in guayusa. Theobromine is named after the botanical name of the cocoa plant "Theobroma cacao". "Theo" means god in South America and "broma" means food, which is why cocoa, which comes from the rainforest of South America, was called "food of the gods" by the Mayas and Aztecs. 1.2

Would you like to get to know all the active ingredients in Guayusa?
Ingredients and effects of Guayusa

How does theobromine work?

Theobromine stimulates the circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems. 3

It blocks phosphodiesterase enzymes and increases cAMP messenger activity. This messenger, in turn, activates an enzyme called PKA, which reduces inflammation, dilates blood vessels, and stimulates the body. 4

Theobromine also blocks the adenosine receptors in the brain that make you sleepy, while improving the speed at which the brain responds to signals. 3

Benefits of Theobromine

Lowers high blood pressure: By widening the veins, theobromine can lower blood pressure. 5 This was clearly demonstrated in a study with 84 subjects. Between 250 mg and 1000 mg of theobromine were taken. 6 Within an hour of ingestion, participants' blood pressure dropped significantly. 7

Stimulates the heart: It was found that taking theobromine led to a higher heart rate, which made the study participants significantly more active. 6

Improves brain activity: In a study in which cocoa-containing drinks were tested, an increase in mental performance and a reduction in symptoms of tiredness could be determined by giving the test subjects various mental fitness tasks. 8th

Decreases Toxins: By widening blood vessels, theobromine helps increase blood flow. This reduces deposits and helps to pass them through the urine. 9.10

Improves Oxygen Uptake: Theobromine dilates blood vessels, thereby improving oxygen uptake in blood cells. The bronchi are opened and breathing becomes easier. Theobromine is therefore also a well-known active ingredient in bronchial diseases such as asthma. 11

Protects against tooth decay: Our teeth can be better protected against tooth decay with theobromine than with the well-known fluride. This emerges from an English specialist magazine. Theobromine is said to help teeth mineralize new enamel. 12

Increases Cholesterol: Theobromine increases HDL (good) cholesterol and lowers LDL (bad) cholesterol. A high LDL level increases the risk of a heart attack. The lowering of the LDL level by theobromine could be proven in a study with 152 subjects. 13

With the next piece of chocolate and your next cup of guayusa, think about what you are doing for your body.


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12. Amaechi BT, Porteous N, Ramalingam K, Mensinkai PK, Ccahuana Vasquez RA, Sadeghpour A, & Nakamoto T (2013). Remineralization of Artificial Enamel Lesions by Theobromine. Caries Research, 47(5), 399-405. doi:10.1159/000348589

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