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Theophylline effect - side effects, alternative, dosage


In this article we would like to give you an overview of the well-known active ingredient theophylline. This occurs in Guayusa tea, among other things. Accordingly, theophylline plays an important role in its effect . We also go into the theophylline dosage, alternatives and of course the active ingredient itself. First of all, we would like to say that this is a natural functional food or rather a substance, as it has numerous physiologically beneficial properties. You can find out exactly what these are in this article.


  1. What is theophylline?
    1. The theophylline active ingredient
    2. Happen
  2. theophylline effect
    1. respiratory diseases
    2. Sport and performance improvement
  3. Theophylline side effects
  4. Theophylline Alternative
  5. Dosing of theophylline
  6. buy theophylline
  7. Conclusion

1. What is theophylline?

Theophylline is an active ingredient used to treat lung diseases such as asthma and COPD. It was first discovered in 1888 in the tea plant, from which e.g. As green tea and black tea is produced, discovered and is therefore originally a natural active ingredient.

1.1 The theophylline active substance

In asthma and COPD, the active ingredient theophylline is now prescribed as an alternative medicine, with most drugs being synthesized. The active ingredient in dry form is an odorless white powder.

For optimal solubility with coffee, tea or guayusa, a hot infusion should be made and not a cold brew , as theophylline then has a significantly better solubility. It is most likely to be dissolved in very alkaline liquids, but who would want to prepare their tea with ammonia water!?

The theophylline active ingredient is also structurally related to caffeine. Consuming caffeine at the same time can also slow down the breakdown of theophylline and consequently prolong its effects. The good thing is that these two substances always occur together in nature. Theobromine also belongs to the same family of materials and can also be found together.


the natural active ingredient is found in many caffeine-rich plants. In our free comparison of the most well-known caffeinated drinks and plants, including their ingredients and effects, you will find an even more extensive list of natural theophylline sources. Here are some examples:

  • Guayusa
  • Coffee
  • tea
  • mate
  • guarana
  • and many other, mostly caffeinated plants.

2. Theophylline Effect

The effect of theophylline is extremely exciting, as the active ingredient is chemically related to caffeine. However, the effect is different and very specific.

It widens the air passages in the lungs. It does this by relaxing the muscles and at the same time reducing the signals that could cause airway muscles to tighten. This helps you breathe better.

It also blocks the release of histamine. Histamine is increasingly released by the body in the event of inflammation and allergies. Chronic symptoms such as asthma or bronchitis are alleviated by a low release of histamine.

Theophylline effect – how does theophylline work

respiratory diseases

For the reasons mentioned, theophylline and its effects in medicine are used specifically for respiratory diseases. It helps narrowed airways z. B. to widen the bronchial tubes in asthma. As a result, those affected can breathe better. It can also reduce inflammation.

Sport and performance improvement

Guayusa is now also drunk by many before and after exercise to both increase performance and reduce the regeneration time for the body after exercise. Of course, this is particularly related to the entire active ingredient complex of Guayusa , not just the effect of theophylline.

In studies specifically on theophylline, a significant improvement in physical performance could be determined for this single active ingredient! The subjects were examined for their maximum performance (time to exhaustion). The result showed an increase in performance of the theophylline effect of 14% .

This of course makes the active ingredient extremely interesting for athletes. If we remember the medical effect, better blood circulation and improved oxygen intake, this increase in performance is understandable.

Sport and performance improvement with the active ingredient theophylline

Theophylline in everyday life?

Even a small amount can lead to improved oxygen absorption in people without chronic complaints or with a particularly high level of sporting activity in everyday life. This has a positive influence on the overall performance of the body as well as the brain and memory performance.
A single cup of guayusa, tea, mate or coffee can generally give you a better feeling throughout the day in this regard.

3. Theophylline side effects

Like almost everything in life, the dose makes the poison! Of course, there are also side effects here. However, these side effects are found with actual medication with the drug , and not with ingestion of natural theophylline from plants.

Side effects of theophylline can B. be the following:

  • Stomach pain, nausea, vomiting
  • Headache, restlessness, insomnia
  • Increased urination
  • cardiac arrhythmias, convulsions
  • potassium deficiency

These side effects can occur with an overdose of 8 µg per milliliter or more. It is almost impossible to consume such amounts through normal consumption of tea or cocoa.

Theophylline Side Effects – Side effects of theophylline due to overdosing

4. Theophylline Alternative

Alternatives to theophylline in relation to the treatment of bronchial asthma may include Albuterol and Advarir Diskus. However, to elaborate further on this would go too much in a medical direction. At this point we would like to give you some natural herbal alternatives that do not contain theophylline, but have been shown to reduce inflammation and asthma symptoms in studies.

  1. gingko
  2. mullein
  3. Summer incense
  4. ivy
  5. butterbur

In addition, all caffeine-containing plants such as guayusa, coffee, tea, guarana, mate are good alternatives, as caffeine also has an effect on the dilation of the bronchi.

Theophylline alternative

5. Dosing of theophylline

In the above-mentioned study with an enormous increase in performance, the subjects were dosed with a quantity of 4.5 mg theophylline per kg body weight. In general, however, it is not advisable to self-medicate with a pure substance in this quantity.

If you have respiratory problems, we strongly advise you to consult a doctor and alternative medicine practitioner. In addition, you can experiment with natural plants such as guayusa and plant preparations.

If you want to have more performance as an athlete, you can do natural biohacking. You can find a comparison of the TOP 5 natural organic energy drinks in the linked blog article. Experiment with how individual theophylline-containing plants, their dosage and preparation affect your workout and training . Document your approach and then decide for yourself what works for you and what doesn't.

6. Buy theophylline

As previously written, the pure active ingredient requires a prescription! You must therefore discuss your medication with a doctor and then buy the tablets or powder from a pharmacy.

On the other hand, you can buy natural theophylline in pretty much any grocery store or online shop. We are of course talking about plants that contain the active ingredient theophylline. Most of the active ingredient is found in coffee, and then in significantly smaller amounts in tea, mate and guayusa . An ingenious biohacking mix is ​​z. B. the Guayusa coffee mixture , since theobromine and L-theanine are also present as active ingredients.

7. Conclusion

Theophylline is an extremely exciting compound that delivers many benefits. Unless it is used as a medication, it has no known side effects in its natural form in plants. By interacting with other active ingredients such as caffeine, theobromine, L-theanine and antioxidants, you can take your natural biohacking to a new level. But of course it is also a great advantage in normal everyday life or in the office to have a little more power!

We hope this article has given you some insight. For more articles like this, visit our blog and subscribe to our newsletter .

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