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Functional Drink – Guayusa the natural NZT, Modafinil & Ritalin

Anyone who saw the film Ohne Limit or Limitless probably wanted exactly this pill afterwards. The craziest dietary supplements, so-called nootropics and pharmaceuticals, are circulating on the Internet that promise exactly that. But what really makes the Limitless Pill NZT?

NZT or Limitless Pill VS Nootropics

In the film, the miracle pill not only causes a better wakefulness and thus a longer work performance, but also ensures an extremely increased mental capacity, more creative thoughts and a better and faster linking of problem and solution. In addition, the ability to remember is virtually unlimited and even the smallest events can be reconstructed in a flash, even if they happened years ago. The advantage lies in the fact that everyday challenges can be mastered much more efficiently.

Nootropics, such as those found in abundance on Amazon, for example, promise a similar increase in performance. Increased memory, more stamina and being awake longer. It would be nice if these dietary supplements had such an effect. However, a look at the ingredients clearly shows that these are caffeine tablets with vitamins. However, the only thing that happens after taking a > 400 mg caffeine tablet is palpitations, headaches, confused thoughts, jitteriness and, in the worst case, anxiety. Of course, this has nothing to do with Limitless.

Modafinil the pill from Silicon Vally

Alternative to Limitless pill natural Modafinil

Modafinil is a pharmaceutical that spread to managerial, CEO, and similar positions in the United States as a super pill. Unlike the over-the-counter supplements, modafinil is a drug. Originally developed to relieve patients with narcolepsy, i.e. excessive sleepiness, from their problem, the pill found great accusation among people who have to work 18 hours a day.

Of course, modafinil doesn't do what NZT does in the movie either. And even if no side effects are known to date, it is of course not recommended to obtain these pills from dubious sources just to master the pressure to perform.

Ritalin the pick-me-up among students

Approved in 1954, the drug was initially used to treat psychiatric disorders. It wasn't until 1960 that placebo studies were conducted with Ritalin. It has been shown to help with attention deficit disorders, hyperactivity and impulsivity. Ritalin is said to have an awakening and focus-sharpening effect and is therefore often used by schoolchildren and students, especially in the USA. The side effects range from growth disorders, sweating and insomnia to convulsions, extreme heartbeat and psychosis.

The natural NZT, modafinil and nootropics

The first time a natural alternative to the fictional NZT pill surfaced was when Channing Tatum 2016 spoke about the shooting of Magic Maik. The drink that kept him fit during the many strenuous dance routines and always brought energy was Guayusa. In the US, Guayusa was known more as an insider tip and later as the natural "clean" energy drink. The effect corresponds to a mix of coffee, guarana, green tea and cocoa.

Anyone who has ever been to a cocoa ceremony knows how invigorating and mind-expanding this experience can be. A special ingredient that Guayusa has in common with green tea is L-theanine. A rare amino acid previously only found in two plants and one fungus. L-Theanine stimulates the alpha waves in the brain and thus ensures increased focus and decreasing stress. The long-lasting and performance-enhancing wakefulness is due to the high content of caffeine, theobromine and theophylline. The combination of all these natural ingredients provide a creative state of relaxed alertness. Guayusa also has all kinds of vitamins and minerals such as zinc, magnesium and potassium.

So if you are looking for a natural alternative/variant to NZT or Modafinil then give Guayusa a try. The indigenous people of Ecuador have been using this plant for thousands of years before nocturnal hunting. The leaves are simply prepared as a tea and the effect is impressive. Exactly what you've come to expect from NZT, a subtle but stunning wakefulness.

You can find more information about the effect of the natural Modafinil alternative in our article on Effect of Guayusa .

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