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How caffeine boosts your metabolism

Get rid of old habits

It really is like that. Every day we go back to our little habits. Coffee is one of those daily habits for many people. As a rule, however, people don't even like this caffeinated drink very much, which is why they also add milk and a handful of sugar to the cup.
But who can blame her for that? Most have a reason, be it stress, poor sleep or a life always on the verge of burnout. All of these are represented in our world today.
The caffeine boost is probably the only thing that keeps a lot of people going. The interesting thing is that there are studies that show that coffee actually increases the body's stress levels
. So why does it have to be coffee?
It would be much more awesome not just to be awake, but to be full of energy, zest for action and creative thoughts without putting additional stress on the body.

So if you want to get away from coffee, but need and want your daily caffeine boost, you should take it with you Guayusa try out!

What is Guayusa ? are you wondering now? Guayusa has the most caffeine-rich leaves in the world, does not taste bitter, is healthy and the waking effect also lasts much longer! It is best to read this article: " Effects of Guayusa "

Caffeine the fat burner

Burn fat with caffeine

Caffeine is an alkaloid that blocks the inhibitor neurotransmitter adenosine. This causes more norepenephrine and dopamine to be produced by the body. Dopamine stimulates your central nervous system and is supposed to ensure that your body starts breaking down fat cells. The caffeine boost therefore comes in part from precisely this energy gain from the fat cells.

A strong caffeine kick will also make you feel like you have a strong adrenaline rush. Adrenaline is a hormone that is responsible for the well-known "getting excited". If you've had an espresso too many or taken high-dose caffeine pills to stay awake, you'll know the feeling. Of course, the whole thing is anything but helpful, because the adrenaline makes sure that you are awake, but then your concentration is gone.

Guayusa can largely prevent this condition because, in addition to the high caffeine content, it also contains L-theanine. The caffeine kick therefore begins in the form of increased fat burning. This will make you more alert and have more energy. L-Theanine increases the production of alpha waves in the brain and thus ensures a relaxed state in which you can fully concentrate on your task. The stress level for the body is therefore significantly lower because the adrenaline is balanced.

According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the caffeine boost increases metabolism by between 3% and 11%.

Mental activity from caffeine

work more creatively - increase creativity with Guayusa tea

The caffeine boost gets your metabolism going, but that's not all. If you are longingly awaiting your caffeine kick in the morning, then this is certainly also due to the increased mental fitness.
Caffeine is automatically associated with higher mental fitness, more focus and drive. Of course, that's why so many people consume caffeinated beverages every day. Between 75mg, for someone who rarely consumes caffeine, and 400mg of caffeine for a regular user, provides a clear increase in performance.

The European Food Safety Authority attributes caffeine to a positive effect on reaction time, memory and mood.

Caffeine a real “nootropic”

Caffeine is a very impressive "nootropic". Means that it is seen as an agent to increase your cognitive abilities. Provided you don't overdo it, the caffeine boost is extremely useful. If it then lasts for several hours, as with Guayusa, then the day is a lot more successful.

The long caffeine kick through Guayusa boosts your metabolism, improves your physical performance, wakes you up and burns fat too. As it does so, it improves your mental toughness, mood, memory, attention span, and ability to focus.

In addition, creative work is much easier to do. Guayusa is also traditionally used to be active and successful in nocturnal hunting or to accomplish creative and inspiring tasks.



Guayusa tea

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