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The use of Guayusa tea by the indigenous people

For over 1,500 years, the Kichwa, the indigenous people of the Amazon, have used the Guayusa plant for various purposes. Guayusa was not always just drunk, but used in a variety of ways. The Kichwa is not only concerned with the fact that Guayusa keeps you awake for a long time, but also with spiritual aspects.

How is Guayusa traditionally used?

Chewing guayusa

The Kichwa Indians are said to have chewed the Guayusa leaves in the past. Only later was a waking tea brewed from them. They would take fresh leaves with them on a hunt and chew them to stay focused and awake during the hunt and get the best results.

smoke guayusa

Smoking Guayusa Application of Guayusa leaves

Sometimes the large leaves of the Guayusa plant are also rolled like a cigar. These Guayusa cigars are then hung up to dry.

When the leaves are dry, the cigars are smoked in ceremonies by Kichwa shamans and used to reach a higher level of consciousness and connect with their ancestors.

Smoke Guayusa

Guayusa is also sometimes used as an incense in ceremonies to absorb the positive energies of the plant through breathing.

Drink guayusa

Guayusa tea preparation traditional

As a rule, however, guayusa is drunk nowadays. The Kichwa Indians use freshly harvested leaves, which they boil over a fire in a metal kettle for a few minutes to hours. The resulting brew is then drunk pure. In some cases, lemon and some panela sugar are also added.

What is Guayusa used for?

Guayusa as a boost before and during the hunt

The Kichwa Indians used the invigorating effects of guayusa before and during the hunt.

Hunting in the jungle requires enormous concentration and strength, so according to legend the Kichwa wished for a plant from the gods that would give them more energy when hunting. The gods listened to the Indians and gave them the energizing plant Guayusa. You can find more about old Guayusa stories here !

Guayusa for creative thoughts

Three o'clock in the morning is time for the Kichwa Indians to get up. They brew fresh guayusa leaves into guayusa tea in a metal kettle over a fire. While drinking the guayusa brew, they talk about their dreams of the night before. They talk about creative thoughts, inspiring ideas and tell each other stories about their ancestors. Depending on the mood of the family and the dreams that are interpreted by the eldest, it is decided what tasks are to be completed that day.

Guayusa for stronger dreams - lucid dreaming through Guayusa

Lucid dreaming is the ability to latch into your dream while you are asleep and to actively shape it and experience it with all your senses.

Guayusa is also called "The Night Watchman" by the Kichwa Indians. They say Guayusa gives them the ability to perceive their surroundings even while they sleep and to communicate with their ancestors in dreams, so Guayusa tea is often drunk before going to sleep.

Guayusa against diseases

Guayusa is used against stomach problems such as heartburn. Guayusa tea is also used for headaches. A type of Guayusa tincture is also sometimes used on wounds to help the wound heal faster.

The Kichwa also say that guayusa protects against insects.

Guayusa for a positive work ethic

Guayusa tea for more motivation

The children of the Kichwa Indians are given Guayusa tea to take to school so that they can pay more attention during class and have a more positive attitude towards work. Guayusa increases the thirst for action and motivates you to complete upcoming tasks with energy.

Guayusa as a rejuvenation potion

The Kichwa are convinced that taking guayusa daily has a rejuvenating and strengthening effect on the body.

They have had centuries of experience with guayusa and its effects, which is why the areas in which the Kichwa indigenous people use guayusa are numerous and diverse.

Convince yourself of the effect of the miracle plant, let it invigorate and inspire you. Learn more about the effects of guayusa in our article " How does guayusa tea work ".

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