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Waysa Energy Drink Recipe & Preparation yourself!


What could be better than determining how strong your Waysa energy drink should be. With our recipes and Waysa teas you can implement exactly that at home. In this way you are self -determined in the ingredients, save a lot of money and support the Kichwa farmers in Ecuador without detours and intermediate traders.

In our article "What is Waysa?“Find more information about the plant and its properties. Chewing test You z. B. that Waysa largely as Guayusa tea known is! So don't be surprised if you sometimes read one and then the other.



  1. Waysa Energy Drink Original with lemon
    1. With mint
    2. With apple juice or grape juice
  2. Lemon grass, lemon and honey
  3. Waysa recipe with orange, mint and licorice
  4. Waysa Cold-Brew recipe
  5. ICE-BREW Waysa recipe


1. Waysa Energy drink original with lemon

A delicious and awake energy limo can be done best with thatOriginal Guayusa or prepare Waysa. All you need for our Waysa recipe is the tea itself, a saucepan, some sugar and a lemon.

  1. Use6 g to 10 g of the originalPURE Waysa teas
  2. Fill your saucepan with1 liter of water
  3. Add the tea and bring both to a boil
  4. Leave the tea approx.Simmer for 5 minutes
  5. Wait more10 minutes without heat
  6. Now sieve the Waysa tea
  7. Give2 to 4 tablespoons of sugar, Best of that raw-crediped sugar
  8. Cut thelemon Press your juice into the tea on us

The energy tea also looks good on cold days. On warm days you should let him cool and then chill. 100 ml contain a comparable amount of caffeine like Red Bull. Waysa, of course, looks significantly different. More on this in our article onGuayusa Effect.


Waysa Guayusa Preparation with lemon


1.1. With mint

Waysa tea is also excellent as a mix recipe with mint. You can use the above recipe and add the mint leaves either to step 4, or after 6th, depending on whether you want an intensive or only light mint aroma.

1.2. With apple juice or grape juice

An incredibly delicious preparation of a Waysa Energy Limo for at home you can do with apple and grape juice.

When preparing, you are a little different from the original recipe mentioned.

  1. Use6 g to 10 g of the originalPURE Waysa teas
  2. Fill your saucepan with800 ml of water
  3. Add the tea and bring both to a boil
  4. Leave the tea approx.Simmer for 5 minutes
  5. Wait more10 minutes without heat
  6. Now sieve the Waysa tea
  7. Give100 ml of apple juice and 100 ml of grape juice add
  8. Cut thelemon Only the juice of one half press into the tea on us

Extremely delicious as a hot and cold drink and gives you plenty of energy for the entire day.


2. Lemon grass, lemon and honey

One of the many advantages of your own preparation towards a finished drink is that you can experiment with the ingredients and do not have to keep yourself.

For this Waysa recipe you can either50/50 mix Guayusa Use with lemong grass, or you can stand with lemon grass and ourPURE Guayusa Even the right mix together.

  1. Use10 g of our 50/50 mix with lemong grass, or as you like.
  2. Fill your saucepan with1 liter of water
  3. Add the tea and bring both to a boil
  4. Leave the tea approx.Simmer for 5 minutes
  5. Wait more10 minutes without heat
  6. Now sieve the Waysa tea
  7. Now givean EL Honey and theLemon juice in addition

You can of course vary with the sweetness of the honey or replace it with sugar. At Sugar we recommendPanela sugar (A special raw-crediped sugar from South America) or normal raw-pipe sugar.


3. Waysa recipe with orange, mint and licorice

Another exciting Waysa recipe is the preparation with orange peel, mint and licorice. You can either use your own ingredients plus your own ingredientsGuayusa PURE Experiment or our finishedMix ORANGE-MINT to use.

  1. Use7 g ours ORANGE-MINT Waysa teas
  2. Fill your saucepan with1 liter of water
  3. Add the tea and bring both to a boil
  4. Do not let the tea simmer, but turn the heat directly
  5. Wait 5 to a maximum of 10 minutes
  6. Now sieve the tea

This Waysa Energy Drink recipe is not something for everyone because the orange shell provides a bitter aftertaste. You can add an el sugar if it is more pleasant for you.


4. Waysa Cold-Brew recipe

Cold-Brew recipes are very popular for green tea and coffee, but they are also ideal for Waysa.

  2. Fill yours Teapot and tea sieve With your Waysa
  3. Put the teapot overnight, or depending on the variety as in our Preparation table and Contribution to drawing times described in the fridge
  4. Only now add sugar, honey or juice

PURE and DARK Can you z. B. refine with mint. The cold-break contains as much caffeine as a normal hot infusion and the antioxidants are not necessarily higher-this has our examination of the Orac value result.


Waysa preparation cold-brew recipe


5. Ice-Brew Waysa recipe

An Ice Brew Waysa or Guayusa is a brilliant thing, but a little difficult with normal tea. Our is more suitable PURE Powder or our Guayusa-Coffee Powder, if you want to have combined the effects of both durators directly.

You can find our detailed recipe in our post: “Guayusa Tea recipe-summer ICE-BREW


Waysa Guayusa Recipe ICE-BREW



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