Our core values

"We want every sip of GUAYUSA to be an inspiration for people and give them energy for new perspectives! Together we want to preserve and bring back the beauty of the world."

Afforestation & Social Projects

"With GUYA, we are bringing a unique product from the depths of the rainforest to you in Germany and Europe. This company bears a huge responsibility towards nature and people, which we do not want to ignore!"


"#Beyondbio and #Beyondfair are our principles... Not a paid seal...! We know exactly where our ingredients come from and show this by shooting short documentaries on site as professionally and yet on budget as is necessary for a start-up. On our YouTube Chanel you will find unadulterated insights behind the scenes of GUYA."

Guayusa production

GUYA Guayusa is grown, harvested and processed in Ecuador by smallholder families. The self-organized Kichwa cooperative WINAK now brings almost 600 families under one roof and gives them the opportunity to bring their agricultural goods to the national and international market.

GUAYUSA Healthy Energy Drink. sports drink

Guayusa as a healthy energy drink for your workout? Packed with natural BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids), Caffeine, Theobromine and L-Theanine!

Yakum Reforestation Project | drinkGUYA INTERVIEW Nick Ovenden

The partnership with YAKUM Ecuador. By purchasing our products, you have supported the indigenous farmers in Ecuador and the preservation of the Amazon rainforest right from the start.

Lemongrass: cultivation, harvest and production.

Guayusa and Lemongrass. Accompany us on the journey through the forest garden of our farmers. BeyondBio and BeyondFair. The money goes directly to the cooperative and farmers.

Videos - GUYA in Ecuador

Guayusa production

Join us from harvest to bottling. Be there up close and see with your own eyes where your Guayusa comes from.

Afforestation (interview)

Each GUYA pack includes an additional donation to YAKUM. See for yourself what your purchase does.


Monoculture is not for us! Each Guayusa leaf comes from permaculture. See what grows in the Kichwa forest gardens.

Permaculture (Interview)

In an interview with our man on site, we clarify the question "What is the difference between monoculture and permaculture?"

VR 360 shots