Guayusa Pure-Powder

Original taste:
Fruity-Herb, slightly sweet, herbal.

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Versand 2-4 Werktage 📦

  1. Original Guayusa in powder form
  2. More areas of application than PURE tea
  3. GUYAccino, espresso, smoothie, pastries
  4. Beyond organic promise

Our Guayusa tea powder is made by sieving normal Guayusa PURE tea. The Guayusa powder is therefore original Guayusa, but has more areas of application due to its powder form.

Of course you can simply prepare the powder as a tea. We recommend using our dripper for this, as it has a double-walled stainless steel filter. Alternatively, you can use a disposable tea filter.

However, we have made the PURE Guayusa Tea Powder to enable preparation in an espresso machine, coffee maker and Italian mocha. In this way, delicious and particularly intense pick-me-up classics are possible ;)

Of course, Guayusa powder can also be used in smoothies, pastries and bowls. Note, however, that the powder has a noticeable texture.

Like all of our products, our powder is 100% organic and fairly traded. It comes from the same farmers as our PURE tea. However, since we want to get away from the overpriced and useless organic seal for the long term, we have not integrated Guayusa tea powder into our official organic certification.

We would rather show our customers where their product comes from through transparent supply chains. You will therefore find many videos of interviews with farmers and documentaries about the production on YouTube. These videos are possible because we are there ourselves, know the farmers personally and place great value on honest cooperation.

Powder Guayusa

The energy powder for smoothies and for baking.

Our Guayusa Powder is finely sifted and is therefore perfect for use in smoothies, bowls and shakes. But also to raise your strength bar or another energy snack to a new level.

However, it can also be prepared with our dripper as a particularly strong tea.

We recommend a mocha for the extra kick. A Guayusa espresso is created that can be combined with milk or alternative milk.

From the energy level, pure powder corresponds to our pure tea, but due to the large surface of the particles, however, the ingredients can easily pass into the water.

The uniquely fruity and bitter taste of our Guayusa Powder is created by the special drying. The caffeine content is high, the effect is pleasant and long -lasting. The powder is prepared faster due to its fine grinding degree, more intense in taste and versatile in its application.

Guayusa is your perfect companion for challenging life situations. Whether sport, office, studies or gaming - Guayusa Energy -Tea is the right support!

Lay 7.5g (approx. 3 teaspoons) to one liter of water and at least 10 minutes. We recommend using a coffee filter, our dripper or a mocha or French-press. Our Guayusa powder is as strong as our pure tea. Due to the larger surface of the ground leaves, the active ingredients are released faster. The drawing time can therefore be reduced. The taste is more intense! More information under "Learn" in navigation.

Guayusa stammt aus Ecuador und wird dort von den Kichwa Ureinwohnern genutzt um sich zu energetisieren.

Ja! Der Großteil unserer Produkte ist offiziell zertifiziert. Für die Zukunft möchten wir diese offiziellen Siegel jedoch für alle Produkte meiden, denn wir müssen private Zertifizierungs-Stellen für das Bio-Siegel bezahlen. Das sehen wir nicht ein und spenden das Geld lieber direkt an die Gemeinden in Ecuador. Du findest unter unseren Produkten daher Bio-zertifizierte und nicht zertifizierte. Alle Zutaten stammen jedoch aus Permakulturen die ausschließlich organisch bewirtschaftet werden. Die Zusammenarbeit mit den Bauern finden DIREKT, also ohne Zwischenhändler statt. wir zahlen bis zu 3x mehr als auf dem Bio-Fairtrade-Großmarkt vom Endkunden-Unternehmen bezahlt werden müsste - Damit zahlen wir ca. 5-7x mehr als Bio-Fairtrade Großhändler!

Permakulturen sind naturnahe Waldgärten, die sich nahezu nahtlos in die natürliche Vegetation eines Ökosystems eingliedern. Sie stellen das Gegenteil einer Monokultur dar. Mitunter mehrere hundert Nutzpflanzen werden systematisch in einem Bereich gepflanzt, sodass ein "wild aussehender" Wald wächst, der jedoch für seine Bewirtschafter eine klare Struktur hat. Er bietet Nahrung für Menschen und Tiere und stellt ein funktionierendes Ökosystem dar, welches weder externe Dünger noch Pestizide benötigt.

Guayusa Pulver*; *Guayusa powder; From sustainable but intentionally not certified cultivation - more information on our YouTube channel!


Customer reviews

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Very satisfied

Sueper quality, fast delivery and friendly support

Thomas Lehnen

Be awake and concentrated without a feeling of nervousness or inner stress .... This is exactly what Guya can recommend and that's why I can only recommend this tea !!

Philip Galimov
Best tea

Tastes very good and wakes up for a long time!


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