Filter tea strainer made of stainless steel for cup/pot 300ml - 500ml

Stainless steel tea strainer
The ideal tea strainer for easy and quick preparation!

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The original GUYA tea strainer made of stainless steel is perfect for preparing tea in cups and small pots. The tea strainer for loose tea is suitable for all types of our Guayusa teas, but not for our powder.

The handle allows the tea strainer to be hung in any cup or pot shape without falling into it. The ingenious mechanism allows you to quickly fill up with your favorite flavor without having to pick up a teaspoon first. Simply slide open the tea strainer, fish GUYA out of the pack and slide the tea strainer back in place.

No more loose, flying guayusa tea! You can insert the stainless steel tea strainer into the tea pack with one hand and get the tea into the opening. The stainless steel tea strainer is suitable for loose tea of ​​any kind.

The tea strainer is dishwasher safe and can just as easily be rinsed under running water. The GUYA logo is engraved in the handle and does not lose intensity even when cleaning with a sponge. Our stainless steel tea infuser for loose tea is ideal to combine with our 400 ml glass.

One filling is enough for 300 ml to 500 ml of water, ideal if you want to switch your tea variations several times a day. The tea strainer appears a little loose in the mechanism at first, but it won't open and will lock into place after 2-3 uses.

The best tea string in the world

Fast, simple, without tea

You will love your new tea string! You can put it up with one hand and fill tea with Guayusa. By changing it directly in the tea pack and then taking it out, no tea leaf falls on the floor!

Due to the long shape you come to the bottom of our GUYA Packs.

The GUYA Logo is engraved on the handle and floor and withstands everything. You can clean the tea strainer in the dishwasher or by hand.


Customer reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Christian W Nürnberg
Good product

Stylish beautiful product. However, opening a bit small and the slide does not go smoothly.
But generally a good product

Too small opening

The opening is too small, which is why filling is very cumbersome.

Oliver Rauh

So far it is very good, only the filling should be revised.


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